Green Construction

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‘Growing acceptance of eco-friendly construction materials nationwide.’

Prashant Pitti explains that many companies today are more concerned with the materials used in their buildings – and using green items not only makes the building more sustainable, but will actually save company money on energy costs.   Global warming has led to a rise in demand for innovative industry products in architecture and



Project Management: The key to streamline, drive Infrastructure sector

By Raj Kalady, Managing Director, Project Management Institute Infrastructure is highly responsible for propelling a country’s economy. The World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report values the competitiveness of economies based on its Infrastructural development. India is ranked 85th out of 148 countries studied indicating the scope of improvement needed to maintain the trajectory of growth.

Doctor's Diagnosis


Port traffic increases 1.5 per cent in August

-Dr.M.S.Kapadia The seaborne traffic at the country’s 13 major ports increased 1.5 per cent in August 2014, against 0.5 per cent in the preceding month and a strong 7.4 per cent in this month a year ago. Nine out of 13 ports witnessed increased volume, while 4 others had to bear eroding quantity. Cochin recorded