Green Construction

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Costs vis-à-vis eco-friendly options: Construction material procurement

Karan Pal Singh explains that green construction material costs higher than the traditional ones but the initial cost premiums are nothing in respect to the returns received during the whole lifetime of the building. The most criticized and challenging aspect of constructing environmentally friendly buildings is the price. In spite of the fact that most



Project Cost Index inches up for second month in June

-Dr M.S.Kapadia Giving hopes of some revival in project execution, composite project cost index as measured by ERIL Index of Cost of Project Inputs inched up for the second month in June, after a decline in April, but a gradual rise in earlier nine months. Also, the final combined project outlay indices, made available after

Doctor's Diagnosis

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Project Cost Index crawls 1.4% over April-January

-Dr. M.S.Kapadia   ERIL Index of Cost of Project Inputs, the composite project cost index, has increased feebly by 1.4 per cent during the first ten months of the ongoing fiscal, against 2.3 per cent during the corresponding period of the preceding year and 5.3 per cent in this period two years back. Capital goods