Green Construction

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Costs vis-à-vis eco-friendly options: Construction material procurement

Karan Pal Singh explains that green construction material costs higher than the traditional ones but the initial cost premiums are nothing in respect to the returns received during the whole lifetime of the building. The most criticized and challenging aspect of constructing environmentally friendly buildings is the price. In spite of the fact that most


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Innovative construction techniques and materials

Kishor Pate explains that the Indian market’s acceptance of housing built with alternate construction materials is still quite low, and there is a fair degree of resistance, both from developers and buyers, to projects built with alternate construction materials. The paradigm for Indian real estate has changed drastically over the last decade. What was before a

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Port traffic stagnates in July

The seaborne traffic at the country’s 13 major ports stagnated at year-ago level in July, against 3.3 per cent increase in June and 4.9 per cent in July 2013. Even as 8 ports handled more traffic during the month, five others showed y-o-y drops, which included Haldia Dock   (4 per cent), Kolkata (26 per cent),