About Us

Project Vendor – product and services showcase for project developers and the only focused source for Procurement Professionals in ongoing projects is published by Economic Research India Pvt. Ltd. (ERIL). Project Vendor is an indispensable information source for these procurement professionals to fruitfully tap this basic infrastructure that goes a long way in expeditious and effective project execution. Likewise, with analytics on project-centric economy developments as also those in specific projects, Project Vendor is also a vital tool to project vendors for getting more insight into dynamics in project execution.

Project Vendor is the easiest and the most economical way to announce products as also project needs. If you are looking for a platform to announce your achievements and share experience, whether in the road construction, aviation, ports, shipping, oil exploration, refineries or steel plants, there is no more focused medium than Project Vendor.

  • Road Construction
  • Aviation
  • Ports & Shipping
  • Oil & Gas Exploration, Refineries
  • Iron & Steel Industry
  • Process Industry
  • Infrastructure