Building Green: Use PEB in construction

Sushil Gupta states that PEB has emerged as a perfect alternative to concrete buildings with inherent green characteristics to offer environment friendly steel buildings.

Sushil Gupta

Sushil Gupta

Go Green! It is the most common vociferation of everyone conscious for clean and healthy environment. Nowadays companies are applying strategic measures and adopting strict policies for manufacturing environment friendly products. Where every company is finding way to develop green products, Pre Engineered Buildings emerged as a perfect alternative to concrete buildings with inherent green characteristics to offer environment friendly steel buildings.

The base of PEB is Steel, the most recyclable and reusable material in the world. It can be recycled repeatedly without loosing its strength or other properties. Apart from recyclable, Steel buildings have many green characteristics. Steel also possesses great durability and in comparison to other materials, needs relatively low amounts of energy to produce. Steel can be easily recovered from waste to be recycled due to its unique magnetic properties.

Also, the Pre Engineered Buildings are environment friendly because these buildings are not constructed and fabricated on site and are completely manufactured in the factory premises under systematic and automated controls with a high proportion of recycled content i.e. 70-80 per cent. Additionally, the use of galvanized steel makes these buildings rust resistant which, as a matter of fact, minimize the maintenance cost.


Green Materials for Steel Buildings

When opting materials for a sustainable design or green building project, steel is a best option as it contains high amount of recyclable and reusable properties. Aside steel, there are many other products that are being used in manufacturing Pre Engineered Buildings and making it green.


Natural Light Transmission, Ventilation & Temperature Control

Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) sheets and Poly carbonate roofing sheets provide excellent natural light transmission. Similarly, Reflective and Glass Wool insulating sheets are used to control the temperature of the building which not only have good insulation, heat reflection and anti-radiation functions, but also has good moisture-barrier, heat preservation and energy-saving functions. Additionally, for internal partition walls, gypsum boards are used which have no negative impact on environment.


Glass Glazing

Glass glazing is again a hottest trend in building construction in India today. It is being used in Multi-storey steel buildings, office buildings and other steel structures for not only enhancing the appearance of the building but also due to the numerous advantages it offers. Glass is a lightweight material which reduces the foundation weight and makes building lighter. Apart from this, use of glass allows natural light to enter and brighten interior of the building. Energy consumption can significantly be lowered by opting for the right kind of glass and glazing.


Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) Blocks

Use of AAC blocks with steel structures is the most economical and environment friendly solution to all type of buildings including residential, commercial, industrial buildings etc.

AAC blocks are fire resistant up to 1600°C (more than twice the typical temperature in a building fire of 650°C) allows it to maintain its structural integrity even after fire. Non-existence of toxic substances, less consumption of fuel or electricity and nominal wastage during production help saving of electricity in large in AAC blocks building and all these features of AAC blocks reduce the environment pollution. In fact, wherever AAC is used, energy is saved.

Besides, Pre Engineered Buildings are designed and engineered meticulously by trained designers and engineers keeping in mind every little aspect of weather and seismic conditions. Indeed, all these features make PEB an energy-efficient green building solution. Undoubtedly, opting PEB is a smart choice. PEB has infinite benefits associated with it. Make PEB a preferred choice for your construction and build your future green.


(The author is Chairman – Richa Industries Limited.)


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