Bulletproofing homes against nature’s perils


Gaius Plinius Secundus, better known as Pliny the Elder – a legendary Roman author, naturalist and natural philosopher once said, “Home is where the heart is.” Irrespective of it being big, small or even ramshackle, one will always find peace only when they are within the confines of their own home. Hence, there is utmost concern if the home faces threat from issues such as waterproofing that threatens to damage the structure and reduce its longevity.

Repercussions Of Leakage:

Damage due to leakages not only causes enormous problems to the structure of the house; personal property and valuable possessions  but  it further affects its sale value.  If waterproofing is carried out incorrectly, it can lead to wet walls or dampness which spurs the growth of molds and bacteria, and creates an unhealthy environment for those who occupy it. Such damp walls eventually lead to leakages & cause permanent damage to the plaster, paint and finishes. Such issues may are commonly witnessed in roof, walls, floors, bathrooms where waterproofing has not been carried out as per prescribed specifications.

Need For Waterproofing

Many homeowners feel that only old buildings require waterproofing since such structures have faced nature’s wrath over the decades. But the fact remains, that one should waterproof new structures at the construction stage itself before seepage can damage the structure. In line with the popular saying, ‘prevention is better than cure’, the scourge of leakage can be avoided if buildings are regularly audited for dampness from cracks wherein water seepage occurs. However, across India not many home owners realise the importance of auditing their homes for waterproofing or other requirements.

Homeowner’s Options: Need EXPERT + RELIABLE waterproofing partner for a leak-proof future

Almost 90 per cent of the water seepage occurred through cracks in the plastered brick walls. Therefore, it is essential that home owners avoid outdated traditional methods of waterproofing their homes and adopt a modern solution that incorporates usage of construction chemicals. One of the most widely used solutions involves Pidilite’ s comprehensive range of end-to-end solutions for waterproofing and repair of both new and old constructions under the Dr. Fixit brand. In line with its vision of ‘leak free’ & ‘damp free’ India, it offers a wide range of solutions designed to address almost every surface area of a structure with a host of technical assistance backed by unmatched warranty and the trust garnered over many years of quality products

Dr.Fixit Pre-Bond, a HDPE self-adhesive membrane that bonds with wet concrete. The product boasts of excellent bonding with concrete and forming an integral seal to prevent water migration. It has been typically designed for underground public constructions such as basements, subways, tunnels, caves, etc.

Pre-Bond is carefully designed and engineered to be highly effective in terms of applications to make the waterproofing of the structure immune to any earth settlement below the slabs.


Keeping in mind the harsh weather conditions to which a home is exposed, the need for customized solutions for every surface is even more critical. A Healthy Construction is not just about superior technological products, but it’s also about unparalleled services like system design, shop drawings, BOQ’s, application expertise through well trained applicators, Onsite technical supervision and review, comprehensive warranty etc., which assist the customers to diagnose the problem and choose the right product. Also such solutions need to be customised keeping in mind the design and details related to project specifications.

One should always remember that doing waterproofing right the first time is critical because coming back to fix it is an expensive proposition that must be avoided at all costs.

( Inputs by Dr.Sanjay Bahadur,Global CEO, Construction Chemical Division, Pidilite Industries ltd)

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