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Roof waterproofing: A critical challenge for high-rise buildings

Roof waterproofing: A critical challenge for high-rise buildings

Sanjay Bahadur explains that high-rise buildings have suffered continuous assaults with consequential interior damage due to the intrusion of wind and water therefore waterproofing of roofs is a critical challenge and the methodology varies from case to case basis. High-rise building or Skyscrapers have always been an attraction especially for a city like Mumbai buzzing

Industrial coatings market: Recent trends & future growth

S. Ravichandran feels that the main future demand drivers shall be quality as many industries have started calling for products that are expected to last longer for extending protection to infrastructure while maintaining the colour and gloss retention property.  When one talks about the coatings market for industries, it is of paramount importance to study

Japan to exhibit know-how at India Chem 2014

(Photo Caption: The earlier editions of India Chem were a huge success. It is felt that the forthcoming edition India Chem 2014 will replicate the success of earlier editions.) India Chem 2014, the largest event of Chemicals and Petrochemical Industry in India, in its 8th edition will present some of the most well known Japanese