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Smart Green Building Materials for Smart Home Owners

Smart Green Building Materials for Smart Home Owners

Anil Banchor explains that the main distinction of green buildings vis-à-vis normal buildings is in the approach to its design.

Green Construction

Going green at optimal price

The toughest aspect for construction companies and contractors across India is not whether they want to embrace green and eco-friendly construction options but rather selecting the perfect green option considering all factors and conditions. Sandeep Menezes looks at the various ways to go green optimally.

Stainless Steel: Green building materials

Neeraj Raja Kochhar explains that stainless steel is chosen over and above other alternatives in construction sector because of its low maintenance and longevity. Stainless steel products contribute towards renewable energy generation, energy efficiency and reduction in environmental impact.     Stainless steel is one of the most environment friendly metals used in architecture and

Eco-friendly construction across India

Puneet Arora explains that construction and construction material are major areas where man has been dependent on natural resources – but there is a clear need to be more efficient in using our natural resources.   For an engineer, the best, most efficient and cost effective solutions come from nature. Since ages, traditional Indian construction

Green Buildings: Make for India

With the growing trend towards sustainable and eco-friendly construction across India, Sandeep Menezes tries to look at the need for green buildings in the Indian context while trying to gauge the opportunities that could be tapped through its fast gaining popularity.   Sustainability or green building is often misinterpreted as curtailing use and stifling developmental

Costs vis-à-vis eco-friendly options: Construction material procurement

Karan Pal Singh explains that green construction material costs higher than the traditional ones but the initial cost premiums are nothing in respect to the returns received during the whole lifetime of the building. The most criticized and challenging aspect of constructing environmentally friendly buildings is the price. In spite of the fact that most

Creating a greener world across India

Pankaj Srivastava writes about Green buildings emerging as a vital part of sustainable development wherein needs of the present are met without compromising ability to meet the needs of future generations. The ever-increasing world population is severely impacting our environment by putting tremendous pressure on the existing resources. During this development process, while it is

IFAT concludes after setting new standards

New records for exhibitor numbers and exhibition space: Presenting innovations and trends in the environmental technology sector at IFAT 2014 between May 5 and 9, was a total of 3,081 exhibitors from 59 countries (2012: 2,939 exhibitors from 54 countries). The event covered 230,000 square meters of exhibition space (2012: 215,000 square meters). On the