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Grundfos SCALA2: Perfect water pressure in an all-in-one unit

Grundfos SCALA2: Perfect water pressure in an all-in-one unit

Grundfos SCALA2: Perfect water pressure in an all-in-one unit

Chennai, December 21, 2016: Grundfos India, today launched SCALA2 is a fully integrated water booster pump. The SCALA2 provides perfect water pressure in all taps at all times – even with multiple taps and showers running at the same time. It packs pump, motor, tank, sensor, drive and non-return valve into one compact unit. With

Shaping the ‘Make in India’ dream

India’s manufacturing industry has traditionally never been an important contributor to the nation’s GDP although it always held huge potential. Now with the current regime’s ‘Make In India’ campaign aiming at boosting local manufacturing, Sandeep Menezes looks at the many challenges making entrepreneurs wary of setting up new manufacturing facilities.     Although there always has

The evolving water heating industry in India

From boiling water on stove to having solar powered heaters on the roof, the water heating industry in India has seen a phenomenal change; Mathew Job traces the growth story. If you trace the history of water heating, we need to go back to the 1st century BC when ancient Romans used to bathe in

Make in India: Mantra for Indian lubricant industry

K Murali expects the Indian lubricants market would grow at a considerable CAGR rate thus exceeding $7713 million by 2017. Also the industrial lubricant business foresees a simultaneous growth as all the manufacturing sectors gear up for its ‘Make in India’ campaign and the government keen to shape business friendly policies, especially in the oil

Creating new optimism for the Indian Pump Sector

Avinash Jain explains that the increased demand for water creates an indirect demand for pumps, which further creates a demand for advanced pumping machinery which produces more water by consuming lesser resources. India which is today home to more than 1.2 billion people has huge demands from the available resources which are already stretched to

Indian pump market is estimated to be Rs. 10,000 crore

Shakti Pumps (I) Ltd is one of India’s leading manufacturers of 100 per cent stainless steel pumpsets. The company is renowned for producing stainless steel products like pumps, energy saving submersible motors, SRN booster pumps and Solar Pumping Solutions in India. Dinesh Patidar, CMD – Shakthi Pumps told Sandeep Menezes that the main demand will

Driving business impact with predictive analytics

Noshin Kagalwalla writes about predictive analytics being a blend of tools and techniques that enables organisations to identify patterns in data that can be used for making predictions of future outcomes. It has applications across multiple business functions in the manufacturing industry. The global and Indian manufacturing industry has seen many revolutions over the past