Caterpillar launches industrial engine

The Cat® 3406C

-PV News Bureau

Caterpillar India announced the launch of its Industrial Diesel Engine ‘Cat® 3406C’ that provides customers in lesser regulated countries in the Asia Pacific region, including India, with an economical, fuel efficient and dependable solution.

The Cat® 3406C is designed and built for industrial, electric power and petroleum engine applications with a proven core engine design that assures reliability, quiet operation, and many hours of productive life.

Initially introduced in 1974, the Cat3406C has undergone several transformations over the earlier versions of engines. The engine is easy to install, operate and maintain featuring many shared components from the original engine design. One of the benefits of the engine is that fuel consumption is optimized to match operating cycles of a wide range of equipment and applications while maintaining low operating costs. The 3406C incorporates many other features to enhance performance and safety and reduce lifecycle costs. The mechanically-governed 3406C engine will be available in the power range 218 kW (292 bhp) to 365 kW (490 bhp) for industrial and petroleum applications.

The 3406C industrial engine is manufactured in Hosur, Tamil Nadu, India. The first engine was released at the launch ceremony held in the Hosur facility recently.

Present at the occasion, Ramin Younessi, Vice President, Industrial Power Systems Division stated, “At Caterpillar we serve customers around the world and develop products to meet the customer’s changing requirements. Since its introduction, the 3406 has undergone various enhancements. Today, it is one of the most recognizable Cat products used around the world. We are glad to launch the new and improved 3406C to meet the requirements of customers in lesser regulated countries.”

The Cat 3406C can be used in areas that are rugged, experience extreme weather conditions, and where fuel quality is less than premium. Some of the industries and applications powered by Cat 3406C engines include agricultural, material handling, construction, mining, aircraft ground support, fire pump, and other industrial applications.

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