Construction equipment safety, quality norms should be tightened

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Universal Construction Machinery and Equipment Ltd is a leading Pune based construction equipment manufacturer which designs, manufactures, and exports construction machinery. The company’s product portfolio offers concrete batching plants with in-line feeding systems, concrete mixers, mobile concrete batching plants, manual block machines, sand screening/washing plants, sand washing machines, vibratory sand screening machines, rotary sand screening machines, bar bending and cutting machines, earth compactors, concrete/asphalt saw caps, block laying machines, auto-ramming block machines, reversible mixers etc.


Ranjeet More

Ranjeet More

Ranjeet More, VC&MD – UCE told Sandeep Menezes that market growth is definitely expected in second half of the year but it will depend on monsoon, project mobilization and interest rate.



Excerpts from the interview:


How do you foresee the evolving growth scenario and main demand drivers across the CE (construction equipment) segment nationwide?


Today, the visibility has gone down to a very short span and in such situation it will be fine even if it remains flat. Growth is definitely expected in second half of the year but it will depend on monsoon, project mobilization and interest rate.


With huge growth envisaged across CE segment, do you feel that equipment safety standards and quality norms need to be tightened?


Indeed, equipment safety and quality norms should definitely be tightened by the authorities but it is moral responsibility of manufacturers to do it in first phase considering human life and environment.



Most equipments are purchased through financing mode across India. How will the recent softening of interest rates benefit the CE segment?


Interest rate will play a very important role in the sale of construction equipment, more it reduces and more liquidity is available – the construction equipment demand is going to go up.


What is the quantum of skilled equipment technician and operator shortage nationwide? How can the industry and especially UCE assist to mitigate the shortage?  


Universal started one of the first operator training centres with CIDC in 2006 and has trained more than 5000 operators but the overall industry needs close to 70,000 operators every year wherein there is an acute shortfall.


‘Make in India’ is the new mantra nationwide but the CE segment has yet to fully achieve localization. Do you have any policy suggestions so that localization can be encouraged across the CE segment?


Make In India’ – the dream project of our Honorable Prime Minister can only be successful if the localization increases and India becomes a strong manufacturing hub not only for domestic but also for the international market.


What is UCE’s future growth strategy across the CE segment nationwide?


Universal has a strong portfolio of products which will serve the needs of our valuable customers. Our product line such as such as 60 CuM on wheel batching plant, self loading machinery, concrete pumps, vertical materials handling have already been developed to take care of the growth scenario in the construction industry.





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