Hypertherm launches new system for metal cutting

Hypertherm launches new system for metal cutting

Hypertherm, a U.S. based manufacturer of plasma, laser, and waterjet cutting systems, announced the introduction of the Powermax30® AIR, a new portable air plasma system featuring an internal compressor that offers greater convenience for on-the-go cutting. Powermax30 AIR system will be available for orders from authorised Hypertherm distributors, from today.

With the built-in compressor and the ability to operate on both 120 or 240 volt lines, the Powermax30 AIR is a versatile system that enables metal cutting just about anywhere. Weighing only 13.5 kg (30 pounds), the Powermax30 AIR provides 30 amps of output, and has good power-to-weight ratio.

This high power-to-weight ratio is due in part to several engineering advances, including an all-new patent-pending consumable design that optimises airflow from the compact internal compressor. Coupled with a proprietary and highly-effective moisture removal system, the Powermax30 AIR provides superior cut quality and performance in hot and humid conditions.

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Benefits of Hypertherm new system for metal cutting:

  • High portability with the addition of an internal air compressor that eliminates the need for an external compressor unit;
  • Greater versatility and convenience with a ‘Plug-and-Use’ model that allows the system to be used anywhere with just an electrical power point, even in remote and non-industrial environments; and
  • Cost reduction with the elimination of additional costs associated with the use of an external compressor.