‘India is already a major manufacturing hub for HVAC solutions’

Haier India, a 100 percent subsidiary of Haier Group initiated its commercial operations in January 2004. The Group is a leading brand in refrigeration appliances, home laundry appliances, and freezer and wine chillers. The company has its manufacturing facility at Ranjangaon in Pune district of Maharashtra.
Eric Braganza, President – Haier India told Sandeep Menezes that HVAC contributes significantly in getting green certifications in India.

Eric Braganza

Eric Braganza

Excerpts from the interview:

What are the emerging trends across the commercial and industrial air-conditioning segment nationwide?
Green is the word. In the present era, for any commercial building, HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) is designed based on the concept of green buildings. Hence, all the parameters for the green building should be taken into account for proposing an air conditioning solution. As far as industrial applications are concerned – the green refrigerant and less movable equipment and high EER machines are contributing to the low running costs for the industry.

What are the main challenges facing the industrial HVAC segment in India? How can these challenges be eliminated?
No challenges specifically as such, however, the usage of water cooled HVAC equipment such as VRVs – which is taking the share of water cooled chillers. These challenges can be eliminated by proposing this kind of solution to the retail, commercial and the hospitality sector.

How is the awareness about energy efficiency gaining traction among the industrial & commercial end-users in India?
For designing any building, you need proper ratings such as Platinum or Gold rating. For a green building HVAC contributes significantly in getting certifications in India. GRIHA (Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment) – is an autonomous body, which comes under the IGBC -(Indian Green Building Council) to propose equipment with high COP – Coefficient of performance in full load and part load conditions.

HVAC industry sustains on investment in infra projects, new commercial space development and premium housing segment. Going forward, how do you foresee the growth scenario?
The emerging trends have shown tremendous growth opportunities in the new developments such as hospitality, healthcare, institution, retail, IT, high rise premium apartments and commercial sector as well. The growth scenario in the present situation is a) retail b) high rise apartment sector, since they are contributing almost 50% of the total segment requirement. Which means the buyer is aware about the latest trends and the revolution HVAC sector is going through.

How can India emerge as a major manufacturing hub for HVAC industry?
India is already a major manufacturing hub for HVAC solutions. Companies such as DAIKIN, Blue Star, LG, Panasonic, Samsung etc. are already having factories and providing designs and large scale air conditioning solutions to the market.

Tell us about the impact of the recently announced budget on India’s HVAC industry?
There have been no changes in the budget, however we are still in the process of identifying what benefits this sector will derive going forward.

Although a late entrant, Haier has now been in the Indian market since last ten years (January 2004). Throw some light on Haier’s initiatives to penetrate the HVAC industry especially industrial and commercial segments?
In the present scenario, Haier has a basket full of products. Now HVAC, is a different market all-together, be it the operation pattern, network, be it company’s focus, all of it combined plays a vital role. For Haier to start this activity () – we are focusing on understanding the actual requirement of the market and working on the same. With the existing range and the product quality, we are hopeful on doing well. We are also working on design in-built solutions, and propose tailor made needs for the corporate, real estate players, and giving them the best and efficient product along with cost benefit analysis as well.

Going forward, tell us about the future business strategy of Haier India?
We intend to expand our reach in the South, North and Eastern part of the country, specifically for HVAC solutions. We already have a support, channel network and have many success stories to share and we want to increase the horizon of our operations.

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