Maini gearing up to remain customers’ partner in progress


Ashok-Mandal-Maini-GroupFor the past 26 years, Maini Construction Equipments Pvt Ltd has been strengthen its position as of the leading organizations in construction formwork and construction scaffoldings in India. In an exclusive conversation, Ashok Mandal, Director, Ajay Maini Group, talks about formwork and scaffolding systems and how these systems ensure quick completion time for construction.

Maini Construction Equipments is known for its wide range of solutions like scaffolding and formwork to hasten the pace of construction. Tell us about the solutions offered, especially for high-rise buildings.

 We, at Ajay Mani Group, of which Maini Construction Equipments Pvt Ltd is part, have been in the business of formwork and scaffolding systems for the past 26 years. During these eventful years, the group has been continuously upgrading and innovating its vast range of scaffolding and formwork systems that provide excellent solutions to all kinds of constructions and maintenance needs.

When it comes to formwork for high-rise buildings, Maini Aluminium Formwork System (MAFS) has been an excellent solution, providing speed, economy and safety. MAFS ensures a 7-days slab cycle, eliminating the need for plastering. The system ensures very quick completion time for construction.

Well-designed access scaffolding systems such as Maini Cuplok or Maini Wedgelok System offer quick, economical and safe access for workmen. The scaffolding systems offer safe working platforms with toe-boards and railings with composite temporary staircase arrangements for safe movement of manpower.

Tell us the role of safety in equipment like scaffolding, when it comes to high-rise buildings. How do you ensure that scaffoldings stay stable as they go higher? What are the inherent risks and how has technology helped in making scaffolding more secure?

For any access scaffolding, particularly of high-rise buildings, safety in the system is paramount. Workmen completely rely on the scaffolding systems they are working on. All such scaffolding systems must have safety features such as stable working platforms, toe-guards, hand rails, besides a proper temporary staircase system for ease in manpower movements. When an access scaffolding arrangement goes higher, the system must be tied to some permanent structure at regular intervals on height and length. In case direct tying is not possible, use of good quality, with desired strength, anchor bolts from which tying can be made, is recommended.

The inherent risks in scaffolding system can be both in the materials and in the usage. Through good quality training, the plausible human lapses can be reduced drastically. And by choosing a well-designed system and supplier like Maini Cuplok, one can eliminate the risk of materials. Maini Cuplok is well-designed with carefully chosen critical components such as malleable cast iron top cups, drop-forged ledger blades and deep-drawn steel bottom cups, coupled with advanced manufacturing process. By adapting the right technology and selection of materials, we have tried to make scaffolding more safe and secure.

We understand that Maini currently provides equipment to contractors? How do you impart training so as to ensure safe, efficient use of your equipment?

We design, manufacturing, supply and even supervise all types of formwork and scaffolding systems, such as Maini Aluminium Formwork System (MAFS), Maini Cuplok besides cable trays and solar structures.

For Maini Aluminium Formwork System (MAFS), we provide on-site training and supervision up to two slabs for effective, safe use of our formwork system. For particularly, special applications of access scaffolding system, such as thermal power boiler maintenance, we offer expert supervision of erection and dismantling of the system during first-time use.

For all other supplies and applications, whenever need arises, we provide guidance and training at site for proper, safe usage of our systems. Many times, some of our valued customers take and pay for our services for carrying out training programmes and supervision of erection and dismantling of scaffolding systems for critical use in power, refinery and cement industries.

Project gestation periods are shrinking, especially in the case of real estate projects. We also appreciate that better construction equipment has a big role to play in this achievement. Tell us about how you undertake product development?

In most construction projects, including in real estate, the completion time for projects are being envisaged with tight schedules. In all such cases, construction equipment like formwork and scaffolding system has significant roles to play. Intelligent designs coupled with effective pre- and after-sales services, have emerged as key parameters.

Our formwork system such as MAINI Aluminium Formwork System (MAFS) helps reducing construction time substantially by its 7-day slab cycle and elimination of plastering.

Well-designed access scaffolding systems such as Maini Cuplok for thermal power boiler maintenance cut down overhauling time of boilers significantly due to reduced time needed for erection and dismantling of access scaffolding system, while offering safe access, used by the manpower for such jobs.

Easy and rough handling, minimum maintenance and safer work place environment are some of the vital issues which guide our systems and product development. Continuing design and manufacturing process updates, regular testing and acting on customer feedbacks are integral part of our system.

With high-rise buildings dominating the real estate landscape, tell us about how you see prospects for Maini in the years ahead. What products do you consider your growth drivers?

The constraints of available space will continue to grow, thus necessitating the need of vertical construction for both residential and commercial usages. We are well aware of the opportunities which lie ahead.

Our recently launched equipment Maini Multi-Level Car Parking System (MMLCPS) will be the sought-after product range and will meet the parking needs in a shrinking space world.

While the overall prospects for India are certainly looking up, we quietly gear up to meet all the challenges and truly remain as the customers’ partner in progress.