Omron leads the way in industrial automation in India

Omron, one of the world leaders in industrial automation, showcases its innovative solutions at Automation-2015 going on at Mumbai from 24th to 27th August, 2015.

In a bid to put forth the “Total Omron Strength”, the booth displays all key exhibits of Omron being utilised across many industries in India to expand human possibilities and create a better society. This includes industrial automation, electronic and mechanical components, and automotive electronic components.

The industrial automation corner showcases Omron’s prowess in helping the manufacturers develop better machines by contributing towards myriad important aspects such as quality, productivity, efficiency, accuracy, safety, energy saving, and durability, to name just a few. It is an elaborative display of demos and solutions focusing on application, panel building, engineering services, vision and safety being utilised in automotive, FnB, pharma and packaging industries. Ranging from the demos of bottling machine and SCARA robot to panel building, FnB, vision and safety panels and NJ demo kit, the display reiterates Omron’s strengths of being the complete solution provider for its customers in factory and industrial automation domain.

Commenting on Omron’s participation at the Automation 2015, Sameer Gandhi, Managing Director, Omron Automation India, said, “Automation 2015 is an ideal platform to showcase our solutions for India. It helps us reach out to the right audience and fortify our positioning as a single source integrated automation solutions provider capable of meeting the most demanding manufacturing challenges.”

The electronic and mechanical components section elucidates the role of relays and sensors in designing reliable, energy efficient and smart equipment such as relay board, smart meters, solar inverters, test equipment and bringing in hi-technology features such as tamper detection, accident prevention and so froth. The demonstration of Omron’s Human Vision Component — capable of recognising face, age and controlling gestures — is receiving a great response from visitors further highlighting Omron’s sensing and control technology based forte in creating harmony between humans and machines.

Omron’s automotive electronic components section showcases solutions like immobilizer antenna, receiver, transmitter and body control module to make automobiles safer and better.

Since 2002, Automation Expo has grown in leaps in bounds giving a perfect platform to latest advancements in technologies in the field of industrial automation. This year, in its 10th edition, the exhibition’s theme is “The Next Big Automotive Innovation, Automated Industries, Automated Markets” which matches well with Omron’s core business objectives in India.