Tata Motors unveils three commercial vehicles at Auto Expo 2014

The Ultra 614

At the Auto Expo 2014, Tata Motors unveiled the Prima CX 1618.T, setting design standards for the Medium Commercial Vehicles, the Ultra 614 with a narrow cab for better maneuverability and the LPS 4923 LA – the first tractor in India with a lift axle, offering better driveability, longer axle-life and lesser wear and tear.

This was part of an extensive range of 18 vehicles and concepts showcased by Tata Motors at the Auto Expo 2014.

Speaking on the occasion, Ravi Pisharody, Executive Director, Commercial Vehicles, Tata Motors, said, “We are now taking our Horizonext strategy ahead, reinforcing our product focus to introducing commercial vehicles that bring the global styling aesthetic matched with enhanced comfort and productivity, push the performance envelope and finally, continue with the long-term commitment towards clean fuel alternatives. And we are delighted to showcase each of these three vectors – DesigNext, PerformanceNext and FuelNext at the Auto Expo 2014. These products translate into a great business proposition, combining low cost of ownership with driver comfort, high performance and best-in-class service based on cutting edge technology”.
The New DNA for Commercial Vehicles:
DesigNext: Tata Motors’ design focus is not limited to the passenger vehicles but truly extends into the commercial vehicles to match world-class looks with a key element of design – to offer comfort even while offering enhanced productivity as a function of design. From the unique, specially designed, Prima CX 1618.T on display, to the stylish new, Ultra 614, a narrow cabin for better maneuverability with best-in-class aggregates, Tata Motors continues to draw the balance between utilitarian products that nonetheless offer great styling.
PerformanceNext: Committed to new standards with innovative technology, PerformanceNext is all about catering to customer needs, with new performance standards. For instance, the LPS 4923 LiftAxle, is the first prime mover in India with a lift axle technology, and also the country’s first 6×2 tractor in the 49-ton gross vehicle weight (GVW) category. The resultant hub reduction on the drive axle leads to better drivability, longer axle life and lesser wear and tear of the tyres.
FuelNext: With FuelNext, Tata Motors has focused on contributing to a cleaner and greener environment, transport efficiency and driving comfort at its best.

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