‘The OEM market looks for cost competitiveness’

A member of the Danfoss group, Valmova is among the most renowned and reliable brands. The company’s directional control valves are with a broad flow and pressure range. Flexible electric, hydraulic, pneumatic and manual actuator options and compact, modular configurations rise to the toughest control challenge.

Sanjay Bakle, General Manager, Valmova India & Danfoss Power Solutions India Pvt Ltd told Sandeep Menezes that customers are looking towards a value proposition and that was missing in the market.

Excerpts from the interview:

Tell us about the increasing pricing pressures felt by vendors from OEMs?

The OEM market looks for costs competitiveness with products that would roll out fast. For this it always looks for right partners to rope in. Therefore, we try to provide our customers with value benefits. It is important for us to provide the correct solutions to our customers at right price.

Most Indian customers look at initial costs rather than life-cycle costs of products. Comment.

Absolutely, the change and awareness is happening in a big way. Customers are looking towards a value proposition and that was missing in the market. They are looking at features which will provide them benefits, not only in short-term but also in the long-term.

How has your company fared vis-à-vis the industry?

On the whole there is a slow pace in the industry and across the sectors. We are utilizing this period for developmental activity. There is a feeling that whenever the market bounces back, we should be ready for it.

What makes your products different from competitors?

Our products were actually designed for the Indian market. Therefore we made this very cost competitive product. Our products conform to market specifications in terms of performance.

Due to the Rupee depreciation many vendors and OEMs are looking towards increased localization of their products. Comment.

Localization helps a lot. But we also see that if the import content goes down, the Indian facilities would face a lot of pressures. If some of our domestic suppliers get stretched, the pressure would be on us. However, we have developed partnership with the right vendors. We manage the costs.

Going forward, do you have plans to enter any new segments?

We are already into all segments related to construction, mining and also agriculture. With our new product Eco 40 directional control valve, we are trying to target the mobile crane applications. It is an area wherein the market is growing very fast. Therefore, we plan to grab more market-share in this segment.

How much does India currently contribute to your global revenues?

If you look at only Valmova, then India contributes around 10 per cent of total revenues. But if you look at the size of the Indian market then there is definitely potential to double our revenues from India.

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