‘Make in India’ must embrace best global concepts

Tekla India is a Trimble Company which provides construction industry a chance to achieve greater competitive edge with Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Structural Design software.

Steve Berglund, President & CEO – Trimble Navigation told V. Venkatesh that there should be initiatives such as ‘Make in India’ but it should also accept and take advantage of the best concepts that are available worldwide.

Steve Berglund

Steve Berglund

Excerpts from the interview:

How does India fit into Trimble’s global growth strategy?


North America constitutes roughly 50 per cent for Trimble, Europe between 25 to 30 per cent and rest of the world around 25 to 30 per cent.


Out of the rest of the world, the largest markets would tend to be Australia and China. Therefore India today represents a small portion of our business and therefore has huge growth potential in future.


How do you assess Tekla India’s growth in recent years?


Tekla India is doing a great job with consistent growth. I was informed that they will have their new Tekla Structures Ver 21 launch through multi-city customers’ interactions. This is our core strength, we don’t ship box rather we work with our customer. I am very optimistic that our Trimble Buildings offering with end-to-end solution for construction industry in India will get good acceptance and appreciation.



How much market growth do you foresee for Trimble in India by 2020?


I am sure that all of Trimble will grow reasonably well. But I feel that India will still represent a single digit number but twice as large. I would hope that Trimble is four or five times larger by 2020. But a reasonable expectation would be twice as large as today.


How does Tekla benefit from being part of the Trimble Group?


The role of Tekla within the group is to take advantages of the Trimble synergies. It is not about simply talking about Tekla or the structural model – but to talk in terms of the entire construction process and transforming it.


The new government is focused towards its ‘Make in India’ initiative. Do you feel this will lead to more processes going digital?


There are complexities such as looking at Digital India as an isolated concept. We have to be careful about building walls around such a concept because many innovations are happening across the world. Therefore Digital India should take the best concepts from around the world and put an Indian spin on it. Therefore Make in India but also take advantage of the best concepts that are available worldwide. It’s not possible to come up with a comprehensive solution when it comes to digital. There must be an open and adaptable attitude.

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