Wooden claddings provide walls with contemporary look

Eco Friendly Wooden Wall Cladding

Gaurav Saraf explains that wooden interior design products are eco-friendly and versatile, thereby possessing a unique quality of creating a designer themed space and looking either modern or rustic.

Gaurav Saraf

Gaurav Saraf

As design trends continue to evolve, people have now started experimenting with newer mediums of interior designing to add both aesthetics and functionality. Moving on from the usage of conventional paints, wall papers, tiles, marble, stones etc people are now opting for smart, elegant and cost-effective wooden wall cladding. Hence it is enjoying a rich legacy of elegant interior wall treatment and can be a strong design statement in the interiors.
Benefits of Wooden Cladding
In recent times, the building industry has become aware on the usage of sustainable landscaping materials and methods of construction. Wooden wall cladding is considered to be the most popular choice as it is sustainable and has a great potential for re use or recycle. The cladding material acts as a protective membrane and is a great thermal and sound insulator. No mortar is required, making installation quicker. Pre-fabricated, ready-to-install panels ensure precision in manufacturing and high quality. There are a variety of suitable woods available for cladding to suit every budget and every style. Wood is easy to treat; preservatives applied to woods make them flame retardant, resistant to attack by insects, mold, mildew and decay. Cladding is easy to repair and replace. Its aesthetic qualities can be easily maintained through the application of appropriate oils and protective coatings.
What one should consider for designing your Wooden Wall cladding:
Select a durable wood that has been modified to enhance it properties. One also needs to ensure that cladding with a low resistance is not used at the lower levels where there could be chances that the surface might get damaged. To minimize moisture retention and its effects, select the right cladding species. It is recommended that high quality timber with minimal weaknesses is chosen as there are chances that cross grains and poor machining practices all contribute to a weakened timber member. To keep your cladding as elegant as possible, ensure that a maintenance regime is well thought, prior to installation of cladding. If maintenance, repair and replacement are likely to be expensive or difficult to carry out, select the highest quality timber with the greatest natural durability.

Why demand for Wooden Wall Cladding?
Wooden Wall cladding provides texture and depth for a room. Whether you’re going for traditional or ultra-modern look, the room can benefit from this subtle striped element on the walls. It can be a good fit for covering old walls with outdated finishes! Depending on the style, wood paneling is relatively easy to install, making it a simple solution for cracked or textured walls you want to cover. Thin, vertical paneling can add height to your room. Elongate your entryway! Bring height to that mudroom. Draw attention to unique ceiling details.

Claddings also provide an earthy, natural element that adds warmth and coziness. Lighter wood tones are inviting and provide a cottage-like feel. Even whitewashed wood gives off an ethereal feel that makes one feel like the outdoors is just a step away. Wood paneling can help define a space and give it architectural punch. Combine wide horizontal tongue and groove paneling with angled ceiling panels and you have an architecturally rich room anyone will appreciate!
The Current Scenario….
Wood and wooden design products seem to be increasingly popular among homemakers. Rustic wood dominate the home decor trends replacing the cold hi-tech products with more natural ones, generally adding a certain homey feel to interiors.
Wooden interior design products are eco-friendly and versatile, meaning they have a unique quality of creating a designer themed space and looking either modern or rustic, depending on the designer’s intentions. Wood is a multifunctional material. It’s of much use in home decor, as well as architecture and outdoor decoration and design. Wood works perfectly well as a background for other home decor ideas or as a sustainable foreground in your home design.

Market Demand….
The movement towards the concept of ‘Green Building’ has resulted in the usage of green building material such as wooden wall cladding instead of paints, which do not emit any harmful fumes. Latest technology and research and innovation in materials have also contributed to the growth of wooden wall cladding. Almost all the segments have contributed to the growth of cladding industry.
There has been a significant growth of 20 -25% in which residential sector and commercial segments have played a prominent role and even the hospitality segment has played a very significant growth.

Sometimes, old wood panels make your rooms appear dull or dark, in this case you might think of removing and replacing them with new panels. Damaged or dull wooden panels can also be revamped in various ways to refresh their appearance. Wood paneling for walls is a popular home decor element. Choosing the right walls, dimensions, material and finish is all equally important to have perfect looking wall panels. Walls of natural wood connect the interiors to the peace-giving outdoors by reminding you to surround yourself with simple, natural materials.

(The author is Joint Managing Director – Square Foot.)

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