Chicago Pneumatic launches walk behind roller offering extended lifetime

CP006143 - MR7005 roller (3)

More than a century has passed on, but Chicago Pneumatic has not stopped producing high-performance tools and equipment. The company has extended its range of walk-behind double drum rollers with the introduction of the MR7005. Easy to maintain and operate, the new roller includes automatic hydraulic brakes for enhanced operator safety and a built-in hydraulic oil cooler to control the unit’s temperature and increase durability.

“We have designed our new double drum walk-behind roller to address customers’ demands for more safe, robust and reliable construction equipment that can operate seamlessly in tough and hot working environments,” said Andrzej Mroziński, spokesperson for light compaction equipment at Chicago Pneumatic. “The MR7005 is powerful yet simple to handle, with its built-in hydraulic oil cooler reducing wear on vital components.”

To ensure operators are protected, the MR7005 features automatic hydraulic brakes that respond when the pressure drops. On the other hand, if the pressure goes up, the brakes are automatically released. The roller also comes equipped with a vibration reducing handle so that operators are not exposed to high hand/arm (H/A) vibration levels.

In order to provide operators with easy access to service points and the battery for charging, the new double drum roller includes a flip-up hood. It also comes equipped with scrapers to prevent material from sticking to the drums, reducing the amount of maintenance required. The user-friendly design of the MR7005 provides operators with easy access to throttle and water controls, as well the electrical starting box.

The new walk-behind double drum roller is suitable for compacting thin layers on granular soils and asphalt. It will be available through Chicago Pneumatic’s worldwide distributor network, which offers sales, aftermarket parts and maintenance services locally.

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