Eco-friendly trends across the ceramics industry

There are increasing environmental issues which will need intelligent solutions to minimize energy usage, therefore infrastructure companies have begun adopting more efficient greener technologies in building materials, explains Santosh Nema.

Santosh NemaWith increasing environmental issues it is very essential to use the resources carefully and come up with intelligent solutions that can minimize the energy and conserve them. The infrastructure companies have been adopting more efficient greener technologies in building material. Ceramic tile that is one of the basic and major components and it plays a very crucial part in overall expression of the house. Ceramics are used in interiors as well as exterior wall cladding. They have become the integral part of the home improvement with emerging innovations. Ceramic tiles in today’s time not only serve the purpose of being the decorative material but come with a lot of advanced technical solutions. The Ceramic tile industry has bloomed in a way that it provides a bouquet of inventive tiles with multipurpose features that has less environmental impact and reduced running cost.

Apart from the decorative looks, ceramic tiles are viewed as a primary product of hygiene. From its varied usage in average bathrooms and kitchens in Indian household to medical centres, labs, industries, schools, public conveniences, shopping malls and numerous other centres is the evidence of their multi functionality.

Owing to its long durability, maintenance cost, low price and hygiene factor major housing projects are switching over to ceramic tiles moving away from traditional granite and marble. Along with these factors Ceramic tiles also provide responsible action towards the environment. Ceramic tiles are products which have a lower impact on the environment compared to other finished materials, due to extensive effort put into innovative technology, plants and production techniques. The experts of the industry are adopting more eco-friendly methods in ceramic industry in order that it contributes to increased greener initiatives.

The ceramic industry has pledged to make nation greener by inventing new eco-friendly methods and developing technologies rapidly in order to benefit the consumers and environment.

Lighter tiles can now save transportation costs and also allow easier handling at construction sites. Green Building initiatives are being chosen to make the ceramic industry get closer to environment and be more eco-friendly.

RAK Ceramics' FactoryThe Ceramic industry is also finding out new ways to minimize the manufacturing cost of the product and make it hazard free for the environment.

Also few of these manufacturers have led research to explore new aspects of material that were never explored before to enhance the health and sanity in Ceramic tiles. There are ceramic tiles that are made to absorb moisture and restrain humidity and prevent generation of bacteria and moulds. Few of these advanced tiles are also capable of absorbing toxic volatile organic materials and odours from pets and cigarettes.

Ceramic tile companies are making sure of recycling of the products that helps on large scale in sustainability and modernization of ceramic tiles taking it closer to eco-friendly mode by saving the cost and energy simultaneously. They are made in variant textures, and extremely tough with other features like slip resistant, easy to maintain with intricate textures etc.

The major housing and commercial projects as well as other infrastructure industries are foraying into the usage of materials that are more eco-friendly and causes minimal environmental hazards. Along with panache of smart luxurious interior, people have become more socially responsible towards their role and duties for Mother Nature and are keener on this advanced eco-friendly ceramic tiles that range from beautiful look to function to perfection using less energy.

(The author is CEO – RAK Ceramics – India.)


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