‘Growth of construction equipment industry is almost assured’

The BAUMA CONEXPO Show (bC India) is an international trade fair for construction machinery, building material machines, mining machines and construction vehicles. The previous two editions were held in Mumbai but the forthcoming edition ‘bC India 2014’ takes place from December 15th to 18th, 2014 at the India Expo Centre in Greater Noida / Delhi.

Igor Palka, CEO – bC Expo India Pvt. Ltd told Sandeep Menezes that the general situation in the construction equipment industry will improve by second half of next year.

Igor Palka

Igor Palka

Excerpts from the interview:
What will differentiate bC India 2014 from the earlier two editions that were held in Mumbai?

There are a few key factors which will differentiate the upcoming show from the past two editions. One is the area of Greater Noida near Delhi, the Indian capital, where gigantic infrastructure projects are born, the government makes decisions about new large-scale projects and where leading domestic and international corporations have their headquarters.
This is a very attractive area to hold one of the most important trade fairs for construction machinery, building material machines, mining machines and construction vehicles in the Middle East and India. The short distance to Greater Noida will attract new potential clients, governmental representatives and new decision makers. This will result in a win-win situation for all our exhibitors and visitors. Moreover,
The India Expo Centre in Greater Noida is considered India’s most modern trade-fair Centre. This is another big improvement, when you compare it to the temporary hall structures we had to build up at the Bandra-Kurla Complex in Mumbai. In addition to its favorable climate, Delhi is easily accessible from abroad as well as from within India.
I believe that relocating to Greater Noida/Delhi will make this event more attractive than ever.

How many exhibitors are expected to participate at bC India 2014? Throw some light on the type of exhibitors expected?
We expect for bC India in December 2014 over 800 companies to participate. Our exhibitors, including all the key players of the industry will present their full range of products, from what you find at and around the construction sites, machinery relevant to extraction and processing of raw materials, Production of Building Materials and of course Component and service suppliers.
Looking at the ratio of our past events, we have welcomed 40% Indian headquartered companies and 60% foreign headquartered companies. I am positive that we again will reach similar figures and welcome exhibitors from more than 33 countries.
How have been the exhibitors’ reactions to change in date (Feb to Dec) and venue?
The change of date was highly appreciated by our exhibitors. Looking at the Indian market and other major construction equipment exhibitions all over the country, we now in future will have one big construction equipment show each calendar year, which helps the companies to plan their participation for the respective year much better and way in advance. Most of the companies welcome the move of our show to North India, where so far there was no large construction equipment exhibition. We see this in many new exhibitors applying for the show.

The earlier two bC India editions were a challenge to organize due to inadequate existing infrastructure at Bandra-Kurla Complex. Tell us about the infrastructure facilities at Greater Noida?
The India Expo Centre in Greater Noida, as a modern trade-fair Centre, offers us enough space to grow with our show, the complete 170,000 sqm will be occupied by bC India 2014. Eight modern halls and a gigantic outdoor area will increase the quality of the show. In addition we have all necessary facilities to host an international show: Meeting and press rooms, ball rooms, VIP lounges and a huge parking area. Against all mind-sets, I have to add that the venue is not more than ninety minutes away from the Delhi airport or City Centre.

In the recent months, few equipment exhibitions have been overshadowed by the slowdown across Indian economy. Do you feel the situation will improve by December 2014?
Looking at the current Five Year Plan and the huge planned infrastructure investments, I am convinced that the general situation in the Construction Equipment industry will improve by second half of next year. I think generally, the upcoming elections will change the overall picture and contribute positively to a revival of the industry. I am pretty sure that we are looking at very prosperous year 2015, whereas our event in December 2014 is at the right time.

Going forward, how much growth do you foresee across India’s construction and mining equipment industry? Tell us about the main growth drivers?
In my eyes there is a very obvious need of further infrastructural development plans in view of the country’s general need to improve the current situation. The growth of the construction equipment industry is almost assured; the rate of itself will depend on streamlining different issues, such as government clearances and approvals, administrative and procedural reforms or generally on the pace of project executions.
After the decrease in units in 2013 I would positively think about a slight increase in 2014 unit numbers. As it most probable will pick up only from second half onwards I presume single-digit growth rate.

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